Macchia Group: Horsham’s concrete polishing specialists

September 12, 2013

The advantage to using Macchia Group is that wey can complete the whole project. Most concrete contractors can pour a slab but are not involved in the grinding and polishing process so the finish can differ if there is not clear communication between client and contractors. Macchia Group pours, grinds and polishes and can ensure that the slab is poured so the finish the client wants in achievable.

There are several different types of polished concrete floor finishes depending on how much stone you want to see. The depth of grinding prior to concrete polishing will determine how much aggregate or stone is exposed. Popular finishes are full, random or nil exposure.

FULL EXPOSURE is when the maximum amount of aggregate is visible. Usually between 3-5mm is ground off the top of the slab exposing cross sections of pebbles. This finish is beautiful but the evenness of the exposed aggregate is reliant upon the quality of the slab! This is the most popular finish.

RANDOM EXPOSURE is when the exposure of stone is patchy. It is a combination of none, some and almost full aggregate exposure. Only a small amount is ground off, just enough to remove any humps and bumps before the slab is polished. The beauty of random exposure is its patchy, motley appearance.

The final finish, NIL EXPOSURE is also known as ‘salt & pepper’. The least amount of aggregate and sand is visible. This is the most difficult finish to achieve as only very small amount is ground off the top before the slab is polished.

Macchia Group pours, grinds and polishes. Macchia Group clearly is the best choice for concrete polishing in Horsham.