Horsham Prestressed Concrete Slabs

The Wimmera region is one of the most prolific agriculture areas in the world. The fertile soil is highly reactive and can swell over a season as weather conditions change.

Homes and businesses throughout this region are prone to cracking, regardless whether they are built on stumps or conventional concrete footings. Concrete foundations and footings must be carefully designed in accordance with the relevant codes and building requirements. The best method for addressing these issues when building in reactive soils is the use of prestressed concrete technology.

Concrete that is under tension is considerably stronger than concrete that is not. Macchia Group offers state of the art solutions to cracking and movement of concrete footings. We purchased Stresstech in 2009 and now provide post tension or prestressed concrete systems for a range of applications. This prestressed concrete system technology is used extensively in modern construction of large bridges, overpasses and high-rise buildings and is affordable as it uses less steel than conventional methods.

From homes and units to large commercial sheds, domestic and commercial buildings benefit greatly by using prestressed concrete foundations. Prestressed concrete technology is one of the best methods for addressing the issues of building on reactive soils. Macchia Group uses cabling in place of traditional mesh and bar to create a floating slab which greatly reduces the chance of cracking. The concrete footings are stronger for longer than the conventional method, faster to lay and very competitively priced. The system involves the use of high-strength cables forming a “mat or grid” over the slab area, and these are individually anchored under tension to the slab perimeter. The complete concrete slab area is under compression, giving it far greater strength. Each slab is custom designed to suit shape and soil conditions.

As commercial buildings become larger they need larger concrete footings. Bigger footings mean there is a greater chance of cracking. Macchia Group believes prestressed concrete is ideal for commercial concrete foundations because in most cases one system can cover the entire area. The result is that the complete concrete footing is under tension instead of multiple areas, with expansion joints and steel bars added.

Please contact Macchia Group if you would like more information about prestressed concrete. We also offer cement rendering, concrete polishing and grinding and concrete or exposed aggregate driveway and paths.