Horsham Post Office got a render revamp

June 20, 2014

We were excited about getting the contract for rendering the Horsham Post Office. The building was looking worn and the existing render was old and flaking away. The scaffold was erected and the first job was to pressure wash all the panels to dislodge any loose render. The scaffold protected people below from the water and any render that may have fallen down, as customers obviously still needed to access their Horsham Post Office boxes.

Along with cleaning and rendering, the internal parapet walls of the roof also had to be pressure washed and an application of a Mapelastic waterproof membrane was used in these areas, there was structural damage to some these walls as cracking had occurred. In between each of the render panels there are glass brick windows, these had seen better days and needed to be re-sealed in order to correctly waterproof the building. The client had requested using the existing colour and texture for the render revamp.

Finally the scaffold came down and the result is fantastic, the final panels along the Firebrace St side were finished using a scissor lift.